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LightWave 2015

LightWave 2015 offers many features, including easy to use Cel Shading and Edge Rendering that are perfect for creating all types of art, including graphic novels, Anime and Manga. It is also packed with high-level modeling, rendering and animation features, all designed to help you deliver any 3D project on time and on budget.

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LightWave 2015 is packed with modeling, rendering and animation features that will help you deliver any project on time and on budget.

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Inspiring Projects

Just ask Artist/Director Shuhei Morita, whose Oscar® nominated animated short film "Possessions" was created entirely in LightWave 3D. Morita appreciates the ease of use LightWave offers and uses it in the production of many popular anime television series, including "Tokyo Ghoul."

“It is easy to see the strengths and skills of artists when they use basic LightWave features. We could easily create animation by taking advantage of plug-ins or new cool feature sets, but I want our staff to keep sight of the artist vs. the tool. With LightWave, I can quickly figure out an artist’s skill level and individual style. Another benefit? New artists can quickly start using LightWave—it becomes their electronic pencil and there is no need for extensive training.“ – Shuhei Morita


Known throughout Japan as "Tsukomo," the Oscar® nominated animated short film "Possessions" continues to capture the attention of audiences worldwide. Using the powerful modeling, animation, rigging, effects and rendering tools built into LightWave 3D software, Shihei Morita create this beautiful animation.

Tokyo Ghoul

Morita and his team continue to rock the world of Anime with additional LightWave-based titles like "Tokyo Ghoul," which has fans around the world clamoring for more.

Cho-Kidougaiku KASHIWA-NO-HA

Oscar-nominated director Shuhei Morita has revealed the 1st episode of Cho-Kidougaiku KASHIWA-NO-HA ("Ultra-Mobile City Block: KASHIWA-NO-HA"), a new amazing series of three animated shorts. The story is set in 2018: a family is about to move to one of the new condos Kashiwa-no-ha when something happens and leaved them speechless...

Sleep Tight My Baby, Cradled in the Sky

Japan-based Hand to Mouse created "Sleep Tight My Baby, Cradled in the Sky," an animated film that premiered at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in February 2015.
"LightWave is the best tool for me... it helps feed my creativity." - Naoya Kurisu, artist and filmmaker - Hand to Mouse

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