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The LightWave 3D Group will be unveiling to the 3D community its very own LightWave Showcase the week of SIGGRAPH, August 12-14, 2014. It will feature stellar how-to LightWave tutorials from top artists, outstanding new interviews with studios and artists, and of course, the debut of our LightWave 2014 show reel! See the full schedule at the bottom of the page.

We also invite you to come get social with us—each day of the LightWave 3D Showcase, we will be giving away full versions of LightWave 11.6, ChronoSculpt, and NevronMotion software.

Simply post your 3D masterpieces—your best work—your proudest 3D achievements—to the LightWave 3D Facebook page*. From there, the LightWave 3D community will vote on their favorite images of the day (August 12-14). The top three artists with the highest number of LIKES each day will receive their choice of LightWave 11.6, ChronoSculpt or NevronMotion software. Invite your friends to join the page and vote for you, too! The more likes the better!

* See the image submission requirements at the bottom.


For a limited time, you can get the newest LightWave bundle, which offers a new license of LightWave 11.6 and Octane Render 2.0 (with a combination standalone and plugin license) for only $1595 USD—a savings of over $500 USD. Ready to upgrade? Registered users of LightWave 10 or earlier can save over $300 USD and upgrade to a LightWave 11.6 and Octane 2.0 combo license bundle for $995 USD. But don't wait! This special offer won't last forever!


We are so pleased to announce that the all new LightWave 3D Magazine for 2014 will be released on Tuesday August 12 and available for viewing. The magazine is now interactive and completely digital, so you can easily view the stories and tutorials and even download the assets that accompany the tutorials. This new issue is packed with goodness – it has everything from how LightWave was used in Tim's Vermeer and the creation of Sharknado 2 to building your very own Sharknado tornado with LightWave and TurbulenceFD. It is loaded with incredible projects—from student works to using social media to show off your 3D skills, along with some stunning images from artists and some seriously great LightWave tutorials.


But we're not done yet! We are also announcing the new Official LightWave 3D Channel on Vimeo! Each day of the LightWave 3D Showcase, the videos will be posted and archived on the Official LightWave 3D Channels on both YouTube and Vimeo, as well as shared across our social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.


10:00 am PST

LightWave 2014 Show Reel

11:00 am PST

Tutorial: Light Painting - by Steve McArdle

12:00 pm PST

Platinum Platypus Studio Profile

1:00 pm PST

Tutorial: Fixing Symmetry When Working Off Origin
by William Vaughan

10:00 am PST

Tutorial: CG Water Walkthrough – by Louis Du Mont

11:00 am PST

Profile of a Viral Video Artist – Meni Things

12:00 pm PST

Why LightWave?

1:00 pm PST

Tutorial: Creating Holes in a SubD Mesh - William Vaughan

10:00 am PST

Tutorial: Lighting Outdoor Concept Art Scene - by Neil Maccormack

11:00 am PST

Premiere of Abiogenesis and Artist Interview with Richard Mans

12:00 pm PST

Tutorial: Symmetrical Editing in Layout - by Ryan Roye


*Image Submission Requirements

Please note that by uploading an image to the LightWave 3D Facebook page, you are agreeing to the following terms for submission:

Your image submission to our gallery or forums grants NewTek, Inc. and its representatives and agents the right, on a nonexclusive worldwide basis, to utilize, copy, duplicate, distribute, modify and display the content that you are providing to NEWTEK, in the manner NewTek determines in relation to NEWTEK's Product sale, distribution, marketing (including trade shows and internet), and development.

This consent may not be revoked, and extends to NEWTEK and its customers, distributors, designees and assignees of NEWTEK perpetually (or so long as allowed by law, but not less than 20 years).

NewTek's use of the content submitted neither requires further consent from you nor requires payment to you.

By uploading an image you warrant and agree that you are the original creator and own the copyright to the image you submit, and that your submission of the image does not violate or conflict with the rights of any others in the image.

You further warrant that all or a significant percentage of the image was created with LightWave 3D software.

NewTek, Inc. cannot be responsible for data loss and we reserve the right to include or exclude images without further explanation. Please be sure to backup and maintain all images that you submit.

You retain all ownership rights to the image(s) submitted.



Images courtesy: David Agüero, Blac Ionica, Stewart Wood, Chris Jones, Pete&Tom, Lino Grandi.
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