Backdrop Info

class lwsdk.LWBackdropInfo(*args)

Bases: object

Proxy of C++ PCore::LWBackdropInfo class

 backdrop(LWTime time, double ray) → color[3]

Returns the color argument to the RGB levels of the backdrop color in the ray direction at the specified time. Several effects can cause this color to differ entirely from the one implied by the other members of LWBackdropInfo.

 color(LWTime time) → (zenith[3], sky[3], ground[3], nadir[3])

Returns sequences filled with the RGB levels for each of the four gradient nodes.

 squeeze(LWTime time) → (sky, ground)

The squeeze amount is stored in the sky and ground arguments. A squeeze of 1.0 produces a linear interpolation between the horizon and the pole, while higher amounts cause the color to vary more quickly near the horizon.

 type → int

This will be either lwsdk.LWBACK_SOLID (the default backdrop is a single uniform color) or lwsdk.LWBACK_GRADIENT (the default backdrop is a gradient derived from the zenith, sky, ground and nadir colors).

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