Camera Evaluation Funcs

class lwsdk.LWCameraEvaluationFuncs(*args)

Bases: object

Proxy of C++ PCore::LWCameraEvaluationFuncs class

 cleanUp(LWCameraEvaluatorID cameval)

Indicate the end of a rendering session.

 create(LWItemID camera) → LWCameraEvaluatorID

Create a new camera evaluator for the specified camera.

 destroy(LWCameraEvaluatorID cameval)

Destroy a camera evaluator. All created camera evaluators must be destroyed.

 evaluate(LWCameraEvaluatorID arg1, double fpx, double fpy, double lpx, double lpy, double fractime, LWCameraEye eye, camray) → int


 init(LWCameraEvaluatorID cameval, int mode) → LWError

Set the mode for the camera evaluator. mode is either lwsdk.LWINIT_PREVIEW or lwsdk.LWINIT_RENDER.

 newFrame(LWCameraEvaluatorID cameval) → LWError

Start evaluating a frame. This must be called at the start of the frame evaluation before using LWCameraEvaluationFuncs::evaluate().

 newTime(LWCameraEvaluatorID cameval, LWFrame frame, LWTime in_time) → LWError

Set the frame and time for a camera evaluator.

 preview(LWCameraEvaluatorID cameval, double lpx, double lpy) → matrix[16]

Obtain the preview projection matrix.

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