Light Evaluation Funcs

class lwsdk.LWLightEvaluationFuncs(*args)

Bases: object

Proxy of C++ PCore::LWLightEvaluationFuncs class

 cleanUp(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator)

Invoke the clean up method for the evaluator.

 create(LWItemID light) → LWLightEvaluatorID

Create a LWLightEvaluatorID for the specified scene Light. This value needs to be provided to most other LWLightEvaluationFuncs methods.

 destroy(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator)

Release the LWLightEvaluatorID returned by the LWLightEvaluationFuncs::create().

 evaluate(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator, LWDVector spot, double fractime, illumination, LWLightAccess lightaccess) → int
 flags(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator) → unsigned int

Returns bit flags combined using bitwise-or. Currently defined flags are:

  The light does not support photon generation (for example, caustics). lwsdk.LWLIGHTTYPEF_NO_RAYILLUM
  The light does not support ray illumination (for example, volumetric lights). lwsdk.LWLIGHTTYPEF_OCCLUSION_SHADOWED
  Returned illumination already includes the effects of occlusion shadowing. lwsdk.LWLIGHTTYPEF_VOLUMETRICS_SHADOWED
  Returned illumination already includes the effects of volumetric shadowing. lwsdk.LWLIGHTTYPEF_NO_FALLOFF
  Do not show standard falloff gadgets, and do not apply falloff. lwsdk.LWLIGHTTYPEF_SHOW_FALLOFF
  Show the standard falloff gadgets, but do not apply falloff.

The lwsdk.NO_FALLOFF and lwsdk.SHOW_FALLOFF flags can be used by light plugins to override the standard falloff calculations applied by the renderer. At most one of these two flags can be set.

 getPhotons(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator, unsigned int maxphotons, photons, LWLightAccess lightaccess) → unsigned int


 getRayIlluminations(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator, LWDVector raystart, LWDVector raydir, double farclip, unsigned int maxrayilluminations, rayilluminations, LWLightAccess lightaccess) → unsigned int


 init(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator, int mode) → LWError

Set the mode for the light evaluator. mode is either lwsdk.LWINIT_PREVIEW or lwsdk.LWINIT_RENDER.

 newFrame(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator, frameinfo, unsigned int maxilluminations, LWLightAccess lightaccess) → LWError

Invoke the Light Handler's newFrame() method to indicate that a new frame is about to be evaluated.

 newTime(LWLightEvaluatorID evaluator, LWFrame frame, LWTime in_time) → LWError

Set the frame and time for a light evaluator.

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