Node Funcs

class lwsdk.LWNodeFuncs(*args)

Bases: object

Proxy of C++ PCore::LWNodeFuncs class

SetNodeMenuFuncs(self, NodeID arg1, arg2)
 UpdateNodePreview(NodeID nodeID)

Do an immediate interface update for this node. Draws the preview, only for this node.

 chanGrp(NodeID nodeID) → LWChanGroupID

Get the channel group for this node.

 nodeName(NodeID nodeID) → char

Get the name for the node in the editor. Will be the name of the node, with it's index number added to it. Ie. "Texture (1)", etc.

 serverUserName(NodeID nodeID) → char

Get the server name for this node.

 setNodeColor(NodeID nodeID, int color[3])

Set the color for this node as an array of 3 integers.

 setNodeColor3(NodeID nodeID, int r, int g, int b)

Set the color for this node using separated r, g and b values.

 setNodePreviewType(NodeID nodeID, NodePreviewType type)

Set the preview type for this node.

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