Node Output Funcs

class lwsdk.LWNodeOutputFuncs(*args)

Bases: object

Proxy of C++ PCore::LWNodeOutputFuncs class

 byIndex(NodeID nodeID, int index) → NodeOutputID

Get an output by it's index number. If the output doesn't belong to this node, returns 0. The index number of the first output is 1.

 create(NodeID nodeID, ConnectionType type, char name) → NodeOutputID

Create a new output for the node.

 createCustom(NodeID nodeID, ConnectionType type, char name, LWID vendorID, LWID typeID) → NodeOutputID

Creates a custom connection type. Input parameters are the same as LWNodeOutputFuncs::create(), but with the addition of vendor and type IDs. The IDs should be generated using the lwsdk.LWID_() function.

 destroy(NodeOutputID nodeID)

Destroy an output from the node.

evaluate(self, NodeOutputID arg1, LWNodalAccess arg2, NodeValue arg3) → int
 first(NodeID nodeID) → NodeOutputID

Get the first output from a node.

 getIndex(NodeOutputID nodeID) → int

Get the index number of the output. If the output doesn't belong to this node, returns 0. The index number of the first output is 1.

 getType(NodeValue value) → ConnectionType

Get the type of the connection that is the source the value.

 getValue(NodeValue value) → void


 name(NodeOutputID outputID) → char

Returns the name of the output.

 next(NodeOutputID outputID) → NodeOutputID

Get the next output that follows outputID.

 node(NodeOutputID outputID) → NodeID

Returns the node to which this output belongs.

 numInputs(NodeID nodeID) → int

Get the number of outputs for this node

 previous(NodeOutputID outputID) → NodeOutputID

Get the output that precedes outputID.

rename(self, NodeOutputID arg1, char arg2)
 setValue(NodeValue value, output_type data)

Set the value for the output being evaluated. Call from the node evaluation function when in rendering mode. The value in data should match the corresponding output type for the node. For example, if the output type is lwsdk.NOT_COLOR, the value should be a format that can be converted into a sequence of 3 doubles.

type(self, NodeOutputID arg1) → ConnectionType
typeID(self, NodeOutputID arg1) → LWID
vendorID(self, NodeOutputID arg1) → LWID

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