Handler Interfaces

Handler classes are defined within the Python lwsdk module as “interfaces”. In programming, an interface represents a programming-by-contract approach between the Python script and the LightWave PCore system, and the contract ensures that the class that declares itself as a particular handler type will support methods that the PCore system expects to find in order to treat the Python script as a LightWave plug-in.

In some cases, a handler has a corresponding access class. Such classes provide context-specific data and methods that help the handler class perform its duties. For example, the Master Class handler interface accepts an instance of the LWMasterAccess class, which provides methods and data members that pertain specifically to the operation of the Master plug-in class.

Each defined interface class also has a corresponding Factory class that is used to construct an instance-generating mechanism that PCore requires in order to attach the Python script as a LightWave plug-in.


These interface classes are not intended for direct usage; rather they should be inherited by your own subclass. (See Anatomy of a LightWave Python Plug-in)

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