Plugin License (2015)

The license global returns information about plug-in licensing.

class lwsdk.LWPluginLicenseGlobal(self)

Bases: object

Proxy of C++ PCore::LWPluginLicenseGlobal class

 hardwareLock(license key) → unsigned int

Returns the hardware lock associated with key.

 lwVersion(license key) → char

Returns the version of the licensed plug-in referenced by key.

 nextPluginLicense(license key) → license key

Return the next licensed plug-in identifier in the list following key, or the first entry if None is provided.

key will be None when the end of the list is reached.

 pluginName(license key) → char

Returns the name of the licensed plug-in referenced by key.

 pluginValid(char name, char version) → int

Returns true (1) if a licensed plug-in identified by name and version is valid. If version is None, it matches any version of the referenced plug-in.

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